Deadline is July 15th, 2017

Students should send the following materials to the address: “festmend@gmail.com”:

1. Registration form. Fill out and scan registration form (Download PDF). If preferred, applicants can simply send an email with all of the information requested on the registration form to the same address: festmend@gmail.com

2. Payment of €75 application fee made via bank transfer to the account “Asoc Festival Internacional de Música de Mendigorría” IBAN ES28 0128 5758 9401 0000 0373 / BIC BKBKESMM. Please, do not forget to add  YOUR NAME and PROFESSOR´S NAME to the transfer´s information. Payment (€75) for application fee will not be returned in any case regardless of whether the student is admitted or not in the course, finally attends or not the course. No registration will be considered valid without having made the corresponding application payment.

Upon receipt of the application, the applicant will be notified of their admission into the course by either email or phone within seven days.

It is suggested that students mark on the registration pamphlet the pieces that they have best prepared and would like to play in public. Ultimately, the proposed repertoire will be looked over by the professors of the course.

Registration Fees

Enrolled Students €350

Students auditing the course €150

The deadline to pay in full the Registration Fee is June 15th. Registration includes a minimum of four hours of private classes during the festival, a minimum of three hours practise room a day, free admission to all festival concerts and all individual and master classes.

Accomodation (optional)

Full board: €320 

The deadline for booking accommodation is July 20th . This includes lunch on the day of arrival to lunch on August 7th. Students will stay at the Orbara Etxea rural cottage in the historic city center of Mendigorría. Lunch and dinner will be served in a restaurant in Mendigorría. Breakfast will be served from 9-10 am at the Orbara Etxea rural cottage. For more information please visit the website: www.orbaraetxea.com .

No student is obligated to stay in the accommodation provided by the organization in order to be eligible to enroll in the course. If the student prefers, he or she may reserve other desired accommodation on their own, paying only registration fees. Mendigorría has a large campsite on the outskirts of town. Additionally, Puente la Reina offers a wide range of hotel rooms and country cottages. Other neighbouring towns such as Larraga, Artajona, Mañeru or Cirauqui offer various types of accommodation as well. If you would like more information on these areas and/or lodging that they offer, please visit the official websites of these aforementioned areas.

Reserving your place and form of payment

The registration fee must be paid in full before July 20th. If not, your place will not be held and your reservation will be cancelled.

In the event that you are unable to attend the course after July 30th, the registration fee will be refunded only in those cases that are justifiable and demonstrable. In any case, the organization will deduct €150 as a cancellation fee for costs of enrollment, processing and reservations. Please indicate the name of the student and the course that you wish to enroll in.

Payments should be made via bank transfer to the account “Asoc Festival Internacional de Música de Mendigorría” IBAN ES28 0128 5758 9401 0000 0373 / BIC BKBKESMM. Please, do not forget to add your NAME and PROFESSOR´S NAME to the transfers´ information.

Participating conditions

The organization reserves the right to deny admission. The organization of the Mendigorría Festival assumes no liability for personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind. Admission into the course implies the acceptance of these conditions.