Artist applications

The program of the International Music Festival Mendigorría is planned by a team headed by its artistic director. Our programs are usually closed years in advance. In any case, the organization is open to new proposals, especially in those cases in which new projects can provide new impetus to the festival. If you believe that your proposal is filling a gap in programming, we encourage you to write us.

Before sending, please make sure the project fits within our lines of action, summarized in the following points:

1. Involve musicians (classical or jazz) or groups of artists, actors, solo dance and artistic creators of proven international experience level and status.

2. It features video or recorded material that can help the artistic director in their selection.

3. In case there is not any own funding to carry out the project, the economic conditions adopted for the festival by the non-profit association that governs it, are accepted. The festival will try to answer all requests but in no event will return the material that has been attached to an application.

If you believe that your proposal fits in our conditions of participation, please fill in the form below.