About the Festival

The International Music Festival Mendigorría began its journey in August 2004. Since its inception, has maintained an unchanged line of action: promoting culture and training to the highest level in historic places endowed with an important artistic heritage. Undoubtedly, the main aims of Mendigorría Music Festival have always been developing musical culture in the unique surroundings of Mendigorría, home of the festival, while spreading its extraordinary heritage. This beautiful Navarre town of just over one thousand inhabitants, birthplace of the artistic director and founder of the Festival, favored from the beginning to develop a common initiative in other communities but no equivalent proposal in Navarre in the distant year 2004.

The first editions of the festival were slow to develop. The support of related institutions of Mendigorría, starting with the council, was total since its inception but resistance from other cultural and political navarrese spheres was considerable, rejecting collaboration and support, both economic and institutional. Fortunately there was promoters from Madrid that strongly supported the initiative. Among the latter, the home of Polimúsica pianos, music publishing company IdeaMúsica (formerly Garijo) and the Association of Performers AiE, were pillars of this ambitious project. Equally important was the support of the City of Madrid and the Pons Foundation, providing venues to publicize the festival activities in the capital. Subsequently, mainly from 2011, Navarre institutions were increasingly opening. Since 2007 the City of Puente la Reina-Garés has been intelligently, one of the most faithful collaborators, later joining the municipalities of Zizur Mayor, Pamplona and Tudela. It was also possible to program Mendigorría Festival events in other locations through joint collaboration with private companies or institutions like the University of Navarra, the delegation of the Government of Navarra in Madrid, GuiArte in Olite, Ekogras and Loidi Piano in Guipúzcoa and the Guenduláin Palace Hotel in Pamplona. Other sponsors have supported the festival from places far away as the Department of Foreign Policy of Chile, the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan and the Polish Cultural Institute.

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Essay by Alberto Urroz for the magazine TK (25 December 2013) and included in the dossier “Music in Navarre”. Annual publication of Navarre Library Association.