Alberto Urroz

    España / Spain Madrid


    Professor at the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid.
    Professor at Conservatorio Arturo Soria in Madrid.
    Vicepresident of Epta, European Piano Teachers Association, in Spain.
    Profesor at Atlanta (USA) and Seúl (South Korea) Universities, Drøbak Piano Academy (Norway) and International Festival in Spain: Forum Musikae, Festival de Puigçerdà, Festival de Mendigorría, etc.

    Born in Pamplona, he graduated with honors from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid where he studied with Joaquín Soriano. He then moved to Israel to study at the Tel-Aviv University with Pnina Salzman, and subsequently, on a Navarra state scholarship, to New York, where he became a student of Oxana Yablonskaya.

    He has also been a student of Solomon Mikowsky and Donn-Alexander Feder at Manhattan School of Music. Other teachers include György Sandor, Fanny Waterman, Ana María Trenchi and Ena Bronstein. He was also awarded scholarships from Jeunesses Musicales and the University of Hartford (Connecticut).

    Alberto Urroz has performed throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States in such renown halls as Carnegie Hall in New York, Sejong Center in Seoul and Madrid National Auditorium.

    Since his first performance with the Navarra Symphonic Orchestra at the Gayarre Theatre in Pamplona in 1999, Urroz has been invited by prestigious cultural institutions in Spain and abroad, such as the Peralada and Santander International Festivals, The City University of New York, Las Canals Festival (France), Italian Institute of Culture and the German Embassy.

    Since 2004, Urroz is Founder and Artistic Director of the Mendigorria International Music Festival.